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Adult Trans4mation Level 1 Online


*You have 3 months to complete this online course. After 3 months, the link to each online class will not be viewable. *Price can change without notice This is a two level course that teaches your dog basic obedience behaviors plus general manners like waiting at the door and leave it. If you choose to go through both levels your dog will be ready to take a CGC Workshop here at Happy Acres! The CGC is a great way to acknowledge your hard work and dedication to training your dog. Adult Trans4mation – Level 1 Engagement & Impulse Control Your dog will work on name recognition, come when called, play with an off switch, and to look at you when you ask for their attention. Level 1 is required before going on to level 2 in the Transformation Training. How does this work? Each week you will receive a video with two new behaviors for your pup to work on. All of our classes use positive reinforcement to encourage the development of desirable skills. We use these methods so that you and your dog have fun learning, because they are kinder, and because they are actually much more effective in teaching positive behaviors and discouraging undesirable behaviors than punitive training methods.



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