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From Scent Work to Parkour, we embrace positive reinforcement methods because they are a kinder and more effective way to achieve results, teach obedience, and help your dog learn behaviors. Rather than traditional training, positive reinforcement training methods encourage your dog to offer behaviors without fear of retribution.


Training helps develop your dog’s innate abilities and helps you learn more about his personality and talents. If you want to understand your dog better and have a better relationship, check out our training offerings below!



This is not a training session, it is an opportunity to look at your pup and assess the training needs of your pup and figure out the best place to start.

*consultation expires 2 weeks from purchase date.



30 minute consultation


Private Coaching

At this time I am not taking new students.  I would be happy to refer you to other positive reinforcement trainers in the Des Moines area if you need help training your dog.


Private Coaching Training

Minimum of 4 Private Lessons

45 minutes each


Ready to book? Read up on the house rules before you register.

Wondering what to bring to training? Click here.

Scent Work


Our dogs' noses are their super power! 

Embracing our pups' super power helps us provide a wonderful and fun way to enrich their lives as we build an amazing bond.

*these classes are for dogs 6 months and older


Intro. to Scent Work

6 week Class 

Dogs 6 months and older, offered quarterly


This class introduces the

foundational games for you and your dog to play scent work games or competitions.  


Intro to Odor.jpg

Scent Work Level 2

6 Week Class 

Dogs 6 months and older, offered quarterly

This class is for the pups and people who completed the foundation scent work session.  In this class we introduce odors and more complex puzzles for the dogs to solve.



Advanced Scent Work

4 Week Class - Starts Oct. 26th at 6pm

The primary purpose for this class is to provide a continual resource and community for people and their pups who enjoy playing and competing in scent work events.

*Purchase 4 classes at a time.

*Class intended for dogs 6 months and older.


Ready to book? Fill out our client contract before you book.

Competition Rally & Obedience

This is a four week class designed to take again and again or one time to polish your performance.

Obedience training is an ongoing practice.  In this class you will learn competition obedience/Rally  behaviors that will add confidence and fun to you and your dog's trial experience.


Competition Obedience Basics

4 Week course for Dog and Handler teams wanting to compete in Obedience and Rally.  - Starts August 7th at 1pm.

This class is for dogs that have home manners mastered and who have had socialization in public place.  

Classes will alternate between the Happy Acres Dog Training facility and public places that allow dogs.

Obedience behaviors will not be mastered in one four week session.


Ready to book? Fill out our client contract before you book.

Puppy Socialization

This is a four week class that will meet in person (or on Zoom during inclement weather) once a week.  The class offers bi-weekly field trips to dog friendly locations.


Puppy Socialization 

In this class we will work on completing basic behaviors in public by building the pups confidence and motivation.  Additionally, the pups will learn to work with you in the presence of other dogs. 


Pups will NOT greet or play with the other dogs in this group. 


In order to attend this class:

1) The Dog and Handler Team has completed four coaching sessions with Tawnya.

2) Handlers must be able to "control" their dogs around new people and dogs.

3) Pups have a current Rabies Vaccination

*Purchase 4 classes at a time.



Ready to book? Fill out our client contract before you book.

K9 Parkour
& Puppy Parkour

If you think your dog is up to challenging, fun, physical activities in which they will learn to interact with their environment then this class is for you. Just like the human version of parkour where individuals move through their environment and conquer obstacles in their path, in this class your dog will work on ways to conquer obstacles too.


We will have lots of fun by using nature’s obstacles and everyday objects to learn to climb, balance, and jump. Some basic obedience knowledge is required. With a little adaptation and imagination, all breeds and ages can do this. You will be surprised at what you and your dog can achieve!


K9 Parkour

4 Week Urban Dog Agility Course


Ready to book? Fill out our client contract before you book.

Wondering what to bring to class? Click here.

Online Courses


These classes cover the basic obedience skills from down stay to walking nicely on a leash. There are two levels of training for puppies and adult dogs. This is a fun way to work with your pup at your convenience.

*You have 3 months to complete this online course. After 3 months, the link to each online class will not be viewable 

How does this work? 

Each week you will receive a video with two new behaviors for your pup to work on.

All of our classes use positive reinforcement to encourage the development of desirable skills. We use these methods so that you and your dog have fun learning, because they are kinder, and because they are actually much more effective in teaching positive behaviors and discouraging undesirable behaviors than punitive training methods.

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