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About BellaRay Labs

I’ve taken 14 years to study, play with and train the labrador breed.  I continue to love their loyalty, energy and willingness to please.  I have finally found a sweet little female who is beautiful and brilliant because of a dedicated breeder who took the time to test more than hips, elbow, and eyes in her dogs.  

You may have seen Rebel on Instagram and Facebook.

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Our Pups

Meet our special pups who inspire and show us daily how to be great humans!

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Ciao Bella!



My first labrador retriever.  I was in love!  She was beautiful (What yellow lab owner doesn’t think their yellow is beautiful?) and she was brilliant. 

Bella and I did obedience training, trick training, scent game training and whatever else we could find to do together.  


She was the first dog I trained with positive reinforcement.  It was magical!   She caught on to what I wanted with lightning speed.  I will never go back to traditional training methods.  Old training habits are hard to break but it is worth it!


I became a new convert, like an ex-smoker telling smokers to quit smoking, about positive reinforcement dog training.  I was so inspired that I started Happy Acres Dog Training so I could share with people what I had learned and how fun it is to have an amazing canine companion.   After Bella passed away in 2023, I stopped teaching and I just enjoy training my own dogs.  


All that to say, Bella inspired a dream and set my life on a different course.

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Eromit’s Genius of Soul - Ray Charles



Ray is my first black lab.

Ray has become the resident old man at 11 years old.

He is very smart, independent and incredibly food motivated.

Ray came into our home when Bella, my first ever lab, was three years old. Bella, was a yellow lab who could read my mind, figure out what I was saying and finish my sentences.

I was spoiled.  Ray did not anticipate like Bella.  I had to learn to be clear in my communication with him.  If my teaching was clear, he got it and never forgot it.  Ray has been a patient teacher with me and with Garth.

Ray is the best snuggle, a great buddy dog and has earned his UDX in competition obedience.  He is retired now and does what he LOVES doing most, Canine Scent Work!

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Fowlplay's And the Thunder Rolls - Garth



Garth is lean and tall.  He is truly a field lab.  The English labs, like Rebel, are blocky… shorter legs, heavier body, and a big head.

Garth is a big guy coming in at 24 inches at the shoulder.  He has a deep chest that gives him the illusion of size.  He is not a show dog but he is a beautiful sight when standing square and he is looking intently out into the horizon hoping for something to pop up so he can run after it at lightning speed.


Garth vibrates with enthusiasm.  He loves whatever you put in front of him.

Garth is so much fun to train because he loves it.  You can tell he loves it by his antics when we train, he puts his whole heart into whatever I ask him.

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Penara Pitch Perfect - Rebel


(AKC Champion Pointed)


 I had been looking for a yellow female and I had the opportunity to work with Rebel’s litter when they were five weeks of age and well… Rebel never left. 

Rebel is a beautiful  English Labrador.   She is confident, intelligent and an absolute love.  She has energy to go on a moment's notice or she can chill and watch football with you.  

Whatever you are doing she wants to be a part of it!


She has done well in the AKC conformation ring and she is rocking her competition obedience training.  Rebel also does K9 Scent Work and loves it.

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