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Welcome to BellaRay Labs!

I have been in love with the labrador retriever since my first lab 14 years ago.

She was a yellow lab and absolutely beautiful! (No bias whatsoever.) I wanted to reproduce her beauty and intelligence, but she came from a backyard breeder who did not test for the health of their animals, such as hip, elbow, heart, or DNA health.


Bella was also dog reactive and I did not want to pass that trait on to puppies. As Bella aged, it became obvious to me the importance of a structurally sound, physically healthy, and emotionally stable dog. 

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OUR Team




Bella inspired a dream and set my life on a different course.

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Rebel is a beautiful English Labrador. She is confident, intelligent and an absolute love.

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Ray is the best snuggle, a great buddy dog and has earned his UDX in competition obedience. 





Garth vibrates with enthusiasm.  He loves whatever you put in front of him.

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Paw PrintsArtboard 1.png

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