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Building better behaviors for relationships that last a lifetime!

Buyer Beware:
There are individuals using my name to build their businesses.  If someone states they have worked with me and offers a lower price, be advised you cannot expect the same results you would get if you were to work with me.


We believe in R+ training methods!

Tawnya embraces Positive Reinforcement training because it is effective and it helps your dog learn new behaviors with confidence. Additionally, they learn to trust you as their owner.  Rather than traditional training, force-free training methods encourage your dog to offer behaviors without fear of retribution.

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Each of our courses use positive reinforcement to encourage the development of desirable skills. We use these methods so that you and your dog have fun learning, because they are kinder, and because they are actually much more effective in teaching positive behaviors and discouraging undesirable behaviors than punitive training methods.

Scent Work

This class explores games that use our dog innate sniffing abilities! A fun class that enriches the lives of our pups and their people.  The best part... ANY dog can play these games. 

Competition Obedience/Rally

Want to try competition Obedience or Rally?

We will learn competition behaviors that are fun and motivating for your pup.  We will learn these behaviors at the Happy Acres Dog Training facility and then take a Field Trip to dog friendly places to practice.


Don't know where to start? Start with a 30 minute, one-time consultation. This is not a training session, it is an opportunity to look at your pup and assess the training needs of your pup. Recommendations will be given for best next step classes and goals.

Puppy & Adult Trans4mation

Let us help you teach your pup great manners all in the comfort of your own home! These online courses use positive reinforcement to encourage the development of desirable skills.

K9 Parkour

Just like the human version of parkour, your dog will work on ways to conquer obstacles too. We will have lots of fun by using nature’s obstacles and everyday objects to learn to climb, balance, and jump. Some basic obedience knowledge is required. With a little adaptation and imagination, all breeds and ages can do this. *In-person class offered yearly in the summer

Private Coaching

Want a 1:1 experience with training? We offer a minimum of four private lessons (in-person or on Zoom) to work with you on basic obedience training, puppy socialization, K9 NoseWork or helping you start a career in Rally or competitive obedience.

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I’ve been taking my dog to scent work classes at Happy Acres for about 3.5 years. I love the small class size. Tawnya works with each of us on our specific goals, whether that is for trials or just to have fun with our dogs. She adjusts classes and comes up with new ideas to make sure each dog is successful. My dog loves coming to class and as soon as we turn onto the road for Happy Acres he gets excited.  

Lori K. and Guinness

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