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Dog Training Classes

Whether your canine best friend is young or old, Happy Acres offers classes to help build skills and improve your relationship.

All of our classes use positive reinforcement to encourage the development of desirable skills. We use these methods so that you and your dog have fun learning, because they are kinder, and because they are actually much more effective in teaching positive behaviors and discouraging undesirable behaviors than punitive training methods.

Unless otherwise noted, classes are $140 for 7 weekly sessions. Click on each description to learn more!

(10 weeks, $200)
Puppies age 8 weeks – 24 weeks

Our 10-week program gets you and your puppy started off on the right paw! This class is for puppies 8 to 24 weeks old. During this three-month period, your pup will grow and change in leaps and bounds. While he’s doing so, this class will teach you how to work most effectively with him to enhance his skills.

You will learn about fear stages, socialization, crate games, and basic manners that help you mold your puppy into the best dog you’ve ever had.  You’ll also learn how to teach your puppy basic obedience skills, including behaviors like “sit,” “down,” “come,” “wait at the door,” “leave it,” and how to walk on a leash. Plus, you will be introduced to beginning K9 NoseWork (a great activity for you and your pup on cold winter days because it can be done indoors).

(7 weeks, $140)
Dogs age 6 months to any age

This is for the big puppy that missed puppy class or for an adopted dog who needs the basics. It is a great opportunity to start the human/dog bonding process and begin developing basic obedience behaviors. You will start to learn how to read your dog as well as teach him how to sit, get down, come, walk on a loose leash, wait at the door and more.

(7 weeks, $140)
Dogs age 5 months to any age

If you and your dog have taken Family Dog Manners Level 1 and are looking to enhance and extend your learning, this class if for you. Increase the trust and freedom that builds between you when you consistently work with your dog using positive reinforcement. In this class, we will continue to perfect the basic obedience behaviors learned in Puppy Manners and Family Dog Manners 1, as well as emphasizing more impulse control and working on mastering a “moving drop” behavior. You’ll learn to work around distractions by using Denise Fenzi’s Beyond Back Yard Basic Training System.

(7 weeks, $140)
Any age dogs

Tricks aren’t just for the circus! A Happy Acres favorite, our “Circus Tricks” reinforces basic training and allows the dogs to add their own “bling.” (Come to a class and I’ll show you what that means!) The tricks class introduces the clicker and teaches you how to use the clicker to create smart, fun and funny behaviors that only your dog can do.

Dogs should master the competencies in Family Dog Manners 1 & 2 before beginning Circus Dog Tricks.

(7 weeks, $140)
Any age dogs

If you think your dog is up to challenging, fun, physical activities in which they will learn to interact with their environment, then this class is for you. Just like the human version of parkour where individuals move through their environment and conquer obstacles in their path, in this class your dog will work on ways to conquer obstacles too. We will have lots of fun by using nature’s obstacles and everyday objects to learn to climb, balance, and jump. Some basic obedience knowledge is required, but there are no barriers. With a little adaptation and imagination, all breeds and ages can do this. You will be surprised at what you and your dog can achieve!

(7 weeks, $140)
Any age dogs

Our “Rally Obedience” class is a great stepping stone for people who are interested in competing with their dogs but are a little intimidated by the rigors of competitive obedience. In Rally, a dog and handler team work together as they walk through a numerical course. Each course has ten to twenty stations, each of which has a sign asking the team to execute a basic obedience exercise. The team is scored according to their teamwork, how well each sign is performed, and their overall time through the course.

Dogs should master the competencies in Family Dog Manners 1 & 2 before beginning Rally Obedience.

(7 weeks, $140)
Any age dogs with instructor permission

In competitive obedience training, each trial is a benchmark of how well your training is going. There are three class levels in competitive obedience. Novice, the entry level, puts the dog and handler team under a little bit of pressure to see if they can heel on and off leash, stand for examination, and come when called. The second level, called Open, is for teams who passed the novice “test.” In Open you are judged for heeling off leash, jumps, a dumbbell retrieve, and a drop on recall. The final level is called Utility. In this class, you are evaluated on your work as a team through a hand signal exercise, sending your dog away from you, doing scent discrimination, and executing more jumps and directed retrieves. Sound like hard work? It is, but it is also extremely rewarding because you and your dog will connect in a fun partnership.

Dogs should master the competencies in Rally Obedience before beginning Competitive Obedience.

(7 weeks, $140)
Dogs 9 months and older

The CGC (Canine Good Citizen) is a certificate offered by the American Kennel Club to reward dog owners who have taught their dogs to display good manners both at home and in public. The CGC is a two-part titling program rewarding responsible pet ownership and dog training. (Learn more about this certification at

The Manners 1 and 2 class will prepare your dog for the ten-step test required by AKC to qualify your dog as a Canine Good Citizen. If your dog has had previous training and just needs a brush-up on her obedience skills, however, we offer a stand-alone CGC Class. This will help both you and your dog get ready for success!

(7 weeks, $140)
Dogs 6 months and older

Did you know 1/3 of a dog’s brain is dedicated to sorting out scents? K9 NoseWork gives the dogs an opportunity to use these innate abilities!

Based on police bomb- and drug-dog detection work, NoseWork dogs learn to follow “odors” and tell us where they are by using their body language. (No bombs or drugs are involved!) This is a great class to help you build a strong bond with your dog AND a great energy burn for your dogs on rainy, cold, or too-hot-to-move days.

This is a fun sport that ANY dog can do. One sheltie started NoseWork at age twelve! There are five levels for the dogs and handlers to complete; if you are hooked, we offer an ongoing competition/trial readiness class. This is a fun and fascinating class that teaches you more about your dog’s natural abilities.

$55 per session, or $270 for a package of 6 lessons. Lessons are done at Happy Acres Dog Training only. There are no in-home lessons at this time.
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