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House Rules

Guidelines for Attending Classes at Happy Acres

  1. All dogs are to be leashed at ALL TIMES. Dogs must be leashed prior to exiting your vehicle.

  2. There are NO leash to leash greetings - please keep your dog away from other dogs.

  3. Prong collars, choke chains, slip leads and retractable leashes are NOT allowed on Happy Acres Dog Training property.

  4. Proper equipment and preparation is required to attend class.  Acceptable equipment includes Flat Buckle Collars and/or a Freedom No-Pull Harness, a 6’ Leash and plenty of soft chewy training treats for your dog. 

  5. ONLY use the designated potty area to relieve your dog.  There is a grass area out the front door of the training center for dogs to use.  All feces must be scooped immediately.

  6. Please wait in your car with your dog until the previous class is out of the building. Giving the class ahead of you room to get out the door and get to their cars is greatly appreciated.

  7. Happy Acres Dog Training is a Tobacco Free facility. Smoking or use of tobacco products is not tolerated.

  8. Junior handlers are encouraged to participate in class if they have an adult accompanying them (any handler under age 18) during class. DO NOT drop off children with a dog for class; they will not be permitted to participate without an adult present. Use common sense; large or powerful dogs should be matched with a handler who is physically capable of controlling the dog.

  9. Do not approach another dog without explicit permission from the handler. This is for the safety of all dogs and all handlers and their families who attend classes here at HADT.

  10. Please keep your dog quiet when they are waiting for class or are in your car.  

  11. DO NOT leave additional dogs in the car during class. Only dogs attending class should accompany you. 

  12. Observing classes without a dog is NOT allowed unless express permission from the owner of Happy Acres Dog Training has been given.

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