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Puppy Socialization


This is a four week class that will meet in person (or on Zoom during inclement weather) once a week.  The class offers bi-weekly field trips to dog friendly locations.

This class is for people who have completed at least four private coaching sessions with Tawnya. In this class we will work on completing basic behaviors in public by building the dogs confidence and motivation.  Additionally, the pups will learn to work with you in the presence of other dogs.  The pups will NOT greet or play with the other dogs in this group. 


In order to attend this class:

1) The Dog and Handler Team has completed four coaching sessions with Tawnya.

2) Handlers must be able to "control" their dogs around new people and dogs.

*Purchase 4 classes at a time.

*Class intended for pups who have their Rabies Vaccination.

  • Puppy Socialization

    4 Week Class teaching Basic Public Behaviors
    Valid for 4 weeks
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