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Welcome to Happy Acres Dog Training!

I am thrilled you want to train your dog! For whatever reason you are here, you need to know there is not a silver bullet or an overnight fix when it comes to training a dog. Patience, consistency and time are the only true fixes. Hang in there, it will come.

I am a positive reinforcement trainer. You need to know this. 

What is Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement tells your dog good things happen to him/her when he/she does the thing you like. When the dog expects the good thing to happen, he/she is more likely to repeat that behavior. Conversely, if you ignore unwanted behaviors or use positive training to redirect a dog, they are more likely to decrease the unwanted behaviors.

I do not subscribe to the dominance theory because science has shown that dogs know humans do not smell like dogs. They know we control the things they want, for example, going outside, and the food they eat. They know you are higher on the food chain and do not want to dominate you. Thinking you need to dominate your dog only gives you an excuse to justify aversive forms of punishment when training or interacting with your dog.

Here at Happy Acres, you, the human are required to take responsibility for training your dog. This means you will have to set time aside and train daily. You will learn every interaction you have with your dog is an opportunity to train. It will be up to you to meet your dog where they are at mentally, emotionally and physically each day. You will learn to train with thoughtful, clear and kind communication…with LOTS of training treats. Your dog will learn. You will learn. How fast? That depends on you. And I am here to help you along the way.

For me to better serve you it is very important that we are on the same page when it comes to training. I have House Rules that set forth my expectations of you when you arrive at class or a private lesson. 

I also have a Liability Waiver for you to read and sign.

You will find my Covid-19/ Pandemic Policy as well as a Picture/Video Release

Finally, you will find the cancelation policy at the end of this document. I take the Cancelation Policy seriously and so should you. 

When you have finished reading each section and have signed each document, agreeing to the Happy Acres terms for training your pup, you will be taken to the appropriate page to sign-up and pay for a class or lessons. 

Happy Acres Client Contract

Please fill out the following form in order to participate in our services.

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House Rules

All dogs are to be leashed at ALL TIMES. Dogs must be leashed prior to exiting your vehicle. 

Do not arrive early to exercise your dogs before class. Classes are held on my privately owned property. My home is not a public dog park.

There are NO leash to leash greetings - please keep your dog from pulling you towards other dogs or lunging at that from any distance. This is for the safety of all dogs and all handlers and their families who train at HADT.

The use of prong collars, choke chains, slip leads, electronic collars and retractable leashes are not allowed at my facility. 

Proper equipment and preparation is required to attend class. Acceptable equipment includes Flat Buckle Collars and/or a Freedom No-Pull Harness, a 6’ Leash and plenty of soft chewy training treats for your dog. If you choose not to come to class prepared… you will be sent home. 

ONLY use the designated potty area to relieve your dog. All feces must be scooped immediately.

Please wait in your car with your dog if you arrive and another lesson is still in session. Sometimes lessons run long. I try hard to prevent going over time but sometimes it happens. Please be patient and give the individual dog and handler team space to get to their car by remaining in your car. 


Happy Acres Dog Training is a Tobacco Free facility. Smoking or use of tobacco products is not tolerated.

Junior handlers are encouraged to participate in lessons if they have an adult accompanying them (any handler under age 18) during class. DO NOT drop off your child with a dog for a lesson; they will not be permitted to participate without an adult present. 

Use common sense; large or powerful dogs should be matched with a handler who is physically capable of controlling the dog. 

Do not approach another dog without explicit permission from their handler. This is for the safety of all dogs and all handlers and their families who attend classes here at HADT. 

Please keep your dog quiet when they are waiting for class or are in your car. 

DO NOT leave additional dogs in the car during class. Only dogs attending class should accompany you. 

Observing classes without payment is NOT allowed unless express permission from the owner of Happy Acres Dog Training has been given.


Liability Waiver

I, the undersigned, have enrolled myself and my dog in the dog training classes, private consultations, workshops or other related activities (Classes or Events) offered by Happy Acres Dog Training LLC.


By signing hereunder, I certify that I have been informed and understand that there is always some unavoidable risk or injury involved when working with animals. I acknowledge the dogs can be inherently difficult to control and that not all dogs will be under control at all times resulting in the possibility of injury to myself, my dog, my family members, or third parties. Additionally, I have had full opportunity to discuss all concerns I have about the foregoing risks with Happy Acres Dog Training, LLC and its authorized representatives. I have also made all inquiries and investigations to my satisfaction related to such risk, including, not limited to, an examination of the training area. 

I hereby accept and assume, without reservation, all risks associated with my participation in the Classes, including, but not limited to: the risk that my dog may cause injury to other persons and / or dogs involved in the classes; and risks that saliva, water, food, snow and /or other debris may be present in the training area. 

As lawful consideration for participating in the classes, I, for myself, my heirs, executors, administrator, legal representatives, successors and assigns (the Releasing Party), hereby waive, release discharge and agree not to sue and to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Happy Acres Dog Training, LLC and their members, managers, agents, and employees (the Released Party) from any and all injuries, losses, claims and damages to any person or persons of any nature whatsoever, including claims arising from the Released Party’s own negligence, and all costs associated therewith, including attorney’s fees, court costs and consultant fees, arising from my participation in the Classes.

This Waiver of Liability & Informed Consent Release shall be legally binding on the Releasing Party. Should the Releasing Party assert a claim to the contrary to what I have agreed to in this Waiver of Liability and Informed Consent Release, the claiming party shall be liable for all expenses (including attorney’s fees, court costs a and consultant fees) incurred by both the Releasing Party and the Released Party. No waiver or modification of any provision herein shall be valid unless expressly agreed to in writing by both the Released Party and the Releasing Party. 

It is understood that the real estate around the training center consists of mostly undeveloped and untamed land and I accept the land not used for dog events or training classes in its “as is” condition and further, I understand that there my be hazards, known and unknown, hidden and observable, including but not limited to, dangers such as holes, cracks or openings in the earth, fence wire, snakes, wells, wasps, brush and other growth, ponds, harmful plants, wild or poisonous animals, insects, unauthorized or careless persons on the land, other dog handlers, or other risks that may be dangerous and cause injury and/or death to myself or my dog; and that I assume all such risks as my own responsibility, without liability to or recourse against Happy Acres Dog Training LLC., their agents, heirs and assigns. 

Every provision herein is intended to be severable. If any one or more of the provisions herein is found to be unenforceable or invalid, that shall not affect the other terms and provisions hereof, which shall remain binding and enforceable. 

I represent that I am at least 18 years of age.


Covid–19/Pandemic Policy

We have and are taking precautions & preventive measures to ensure the health and safety of our staff and customers. Happy Acres is not responsible for the spreading of Covid-19. Please come at your own risk. We will be practicing distancing and if you are feeling unwell, stay home.

There are NO refunds if a pandemic occurs. All lessons will move to online learning. There are no exceptions to this.


Picture and Video Release

I hereby consent to my dog being the subject of the photographs and or audiovisual recording and authorize Happy Acres Dog Training, LLC and Tawnya Lichtenwalter to cause the same to be exhibited for marketing and educational purposes as still photographs, transparencies, motion pictures, television, video or social media or other similar media, I hereby release Happy Acres Dog Training, LLC and Tawnya Lichtenwalter from any and all claims for damages for libel, slander, invasion of privacy or any other claim based on use of the above-described material(s).


Cancellation Policy

  1. Three business day cancellation policy. If you cannot make the class or lesson after signing up you must cancel 3 business days prior to the start of class.  

  2. Cancellations made within 24-hours of the class starting will be billed for the full amount. 

  3. Missed appointments without any prior notice will be billed in full.

  4. Private lessons expire 8 weeks after the date of purchase.  There are no refunds for unused lessons.​

I understand that emergencies occur and I am willing to make exceptions for true emergencies. Please call.


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