Puppy Trans4mation Level 2 – Starts 10/13


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Time – 3pm


7 weeks

7 in stock



Puppy Trans4mation Level 1

Age 8 weeks – 24 weeks


Our 7-week program gets you and your puppy started off on the right paw! This class is for puppies 8 to 24 weeks old. Taking both levels will give your pup a solid foundation to basic obedience behaviors and impulse control behaviors too.  Not only will your puppy learn new skills but this class will teach you how to work most effectively with him/her to enhance your relationship.


Level 2 –  Veterinary Skills & Puppy Obedience

Chin touch | Shake | Touch nose to hand

Introduce dremel or clippers/look at teeth | On your side

Sit stay on podium | Down stay on mat | Walk with me | Come off of distractions




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