Competitive Obedience – Starts 9/3


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Starts – September 3rd

Time – 7pm

4 Week Class


7 in stock


In competitive obedience training, each trial is a benchmark of how well your training is going. There are three class levels in competitive obedience. Novice, the entry level, puts the dog and handler team under a little bit of pressure to see if they can heel on and off leash, stand for examination, and come when called. The second level, called Open, is for teams who passed the novice “test.” In Open you are judged for heeling off leash, jumps, a dumbbell retrieve, and a drop on recall. The final level is called Utility. In this class, you are evaluated on your work as a team through a hand signal exercise, sending your dog away from you, doing scent discrimination, and executing more jumps and directed retrieves. Sound like hard work? It is, but it is also extremely rewarding because you and your dog will connect in a fun partnership.

Dogs should master the competencies in Rally Obedience before beginning Competitive Obedience.


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